Father’s Day

Received a gift from my misses, John, Charles and Cheryl during lunch today. It’s Father’s Day again and I’m celebrating my 16th year as a dad! Not forgetting our 18th wedding anniversary falls on 3rd June, and we didn’t get to celebrate it since most of the time we are back in the longhouse.

So last Saturday we had a small family makan-makan and celebrates Charles’ 15th birthday at Parkcity Everly (for their Atlantis is calling buffet).

Happy 15th birthday to Charles. And, thank you for the lovely father’s day gift from all of you.

Father’s day breakfast

Roasted pork

It was a great Father’s Day BBQ last night at Naga Tang’s house. Over thirty people join us for the BBQ including wives and children. I hardly have time to eat but I didn’t miss the babi panggang tho’. And, this morning after sending my family to Sunday mass at Imperial Ballroom, and later sending our marine crew for training, I went to my favourite roasted pork at Jalan Permaisuri (near Nationwide Miri office). Yaa.. treated myself to my favourite dish – roasted pork and fried changkok manis with egg.


Happy Father’s Day


To celebrate this year Father’s Day, we are having a small BBQ gathering over at Naga Tang’s house at Desa Tai Foo beginning 6.30 pm. To all Dads around the world who are reading this blog, I would like to wish everyone a blessed Father’s Day.


Here is the photos taken during the Father’s Day BBQ.

Father's Day cake from my beloved wife.