Uchukeling.com greets the Ox

We wish all our Chinese relatives, especially my sister Wilhelminia Epps and family in Texas, cousin Dora, my sister-in-law in Miri, Chinese friends of RumahDayak.com especially YB Andy Chia, YB Lee Kim Shin, Mr. Sebastian Ting, Mr. Sim of JASA Miri, our business friends especially to David Liaw, staff and management of ActivSolution Miri, staff and doctors of Chan Clinic, Mega Hotel Miri, Pacific Orient Hotel, web guests and you who have read this post – Gong Xi Fatt Chai!

May the new year brings us prosperity and good health.


Note: Don’t forget that there’s a solar eclipse this afternoon at 4.30 Malaysian time.

Annular Solar Eclipse of January 26

I recalled the closest I get to see or experience a partial solar eclipse was during my stint with the Malaysian Today in Kuching. This 26th January, we in Borneo, have the chance to view the first solar eclipse of 2009, where its shadow will cut across Central Borneo. Even though Miri is not directly under its path, but this solar eclipse is the closest it could get in years to come.

During my younger days, back in the longhouse, our elders used to beat gongs, tawak, etc., with the intention to ‘wake’ the sun again. Eclipse are seen as if the sun had died.

Stay tune to this post update when the day arrive.

Full detail of this eclipse is available at NASA website.