Dennis Ngau question use of funds raised by BMF for the Penan

KUCHING, June 26 (Bernama) — A Sarawak backbencher today questioned the use of funds by the Bruno Manser Fund (BMF) to help the Penan in the state.

Dennis Ngau (BN-Telang Usan) said facilities like schools, clinics and so forth were all provided by Barisan Nasional (BN) government in Penan settlements.

“Where have all the funds they have collected all this years for the so called victimized Penan go to?

“What has the organization done for the Penan, I don’t even see a single toilet built by them, let alone a clinic or school,” he said when debating the motion of thanks for to the Yang Dipertua Negeri’s aaddress the assembly sitting here.

Dennis also urged the opposition to stop making use of the Penan as tool to gain support or political mileage. — BERNAMA