Iban areas zoomed in on final day of campaign

With two more days of campaigning, DAP may emerge a winner if the Barisan Nasional is not careful. With Dato Sri Anwar Ibrahim’s arrival in Sibu late tomorrow evening, and to conclude the by-election campaign for Wong Ho Leng in style with the Iban/Dayak and Malay voters.

The Pakatan Rakyat campaigners are closing in on the Dayak voters at RPR Batu 6, with a breakfast date with Anwar Ibrahim on the last day of campaign. He is also having lunch with the Ibans at Sg. Tutus and dinner at Penasu! Will this Ibans change their mind and vote for Wong Ho Leng (DAP)?

I delivered what I promised – Najib

Dato Sri Najib, the best promise would be to build a totally new township. The RM1billion would be best spend on this new township, rather than spending it on flood mitigation that sees the mighty Rajang pouring more silt. The other reason why the new generation move or migrated away from Sibu was because of the mighty Bakun Dam upstream. People were scared that the dam may crack and cause a major disaster beyond our imagination.

Furthermore, by building a new township that is at a distance from the Rajang River, and at a higher ground, the government may regain its confidence from the people once again by providing safe and flood-free residential and industrial areas.

Where? Any suggestion.. The government have so much land between Sibu Batu 10 to Pekan Selangau.. where else? It is nearer to the new Mukah township, Bintulu Port (to cater for larger vessels), Similajau and is also within SCORE development area.

With what it stands today (Thursday) Sibu may see an additional DAP member of parliament this 16th May. Not to late to turn the table, tho! DAP 1,500 or BN 5,000 majority.. work it out!!

Photos sourced from Jinggo’s FotoPages.

How will Pakatan Rakyat serve Batang Ai?

Pakatan Rakyat

First impression: Aiyaaaaaaaa!

When it comes to Dayak seats, we will expect this to happen. Well, luckily for Batang Ai, it involves only two main groups – the Bawins and the Jawahs. Dini-dini pengawa bepilih enti kerusi nya ba sitak ke maioh pengundi Iban, kitai sigi tetap ninga berita ke baka tu.

Nadai ngawa laban nya sigi adat demokrasi, sapa sapa tau minta nyadi kindidit.

Over the weekends, I spent some time doing some photo shoot with a few Iban friends, the MBA holders, the Bachelor holders, one secondary school student, senior Ibans and those who have just came back from their overseas stint.

Vote for Change

All the friends who were with me during the photo shoot, agreed anonymously that we need changes to our political system. I, too not sure with what they mean by political system. And, these range of friends (of various age and career), also agreed that the current campaigners in Batang Ai (especially Pakatan Rakyat) need to explain to the voters (walaupun kitai enda ngundi din, tang kitai deka nemu nama rancangan Pakatan Rakyat enti sida menang ila, keno ko siko kaban aku nanya bala maioh).

Enti kitai minta pilih, kempen meh tua ko. Tukar mih pengari di Batang Ai. Udah lama pegai Barisan ko siko da agi. Ninga bala kami ke berandau, di deh nembiak ke baru sekula secondary tu nanya.

Serving the rakyat

Secondary school student: Uncle, nama sida Anwar tu nadai madah ke pengawa ke deka digaga sida ba menua kami din. Nama sida tu ka minta elected aja nyadi YB dulu and then ila baru berunding nulung kami. Baka kami sekula, enti ka nyadi Pengawas, mesti nemu tugas. Bala pengawas lalu madah ke kami tugas sida. Nama Anwar nadai madah ke tugas sida ya, Uncle?

All: Akai daii.. merinsa nyaut tanya nya. Ketawa magang mih kami sebuat tadi. Amat endarr.. ga bala Pakatan Rakyat tu. Kempen ka nukar perintah tang lalu bedau nerang ngagai rakyat cara ngadu ke pemerinsa rakyat ke udah 45 taun merinsa.

Uchu Keling: If a secondary school student can asked us that way, I am sure there are a lot of other young Ibans, those who can vote and may be going to poll in Batang Ai – and, they need answers to these questions.

What is your master plan for the people of Batang Ai if you get elected? How are you going to execute your election promises especially on NCR Lands, infrastructures, etc. Are you ready to go to the Dewan Undangan Negeri with your proposals and seek funding from the Barisan Nasional and using tax payers money as the main excuse for funding?

We have seen the few DAP and PKR representatives in DUN who are very vocal during the seatings. How well have they achieve in serving the rakyat? Have the rakyat in their constituencies gain from the win? Hopefully, our friends who are being served by these Opposition reps can share with us the success and the failure during their term in public office.

Ari banding nya, kitai sama berati serta berunding sapa ke patut di pilih kitai ba pengawa bepilih mit Batang Ai, serta nyendia ke runding diri maia bepilih besai DUN Sarawak ke deka datai tu ila.

Ngerindas pending: Ba sitak Krian din ila pama ga pemaioh grup ke deka minta nyadi pengari nganti YB Datuk Peter Nyarok (sema iya badu minta dipilih nyadi pengari sitak Krian). Kena pansa bai burung engsing jara, tak bisi dua tiga iku udah bala ke semak-semak bala YB serta udah berengkah bejalai nemuai ngagai rumah panjai di sitak Krian. Steadii Krian ili!

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Changes in Iban are not by throwing their leaders

Responding to an article written by YB Voon Lee Shan at The Broken Shield.

Either way, BN or PR, changes in the Iban should not be done by throwing their leaders who are in BN or PR. Today, just because they wants to win the election, PR ask the Ibans to throw away their BN leaders. And, maybe tomorrow, the BN (who could be the opposition, if they lost the election) will also ask the Ibans to throw away their leaders in PR. All in the name of CHANGE.

How would it be like, if the BN in Kuching urge the Iban members in DAP to throw away YB Voon in the name of change. BN battle cry – CHANGE we MUST in Kuching – THROW away YB Voon for CHANGE to happen!

YB Voon, the Ibans do not need politics to change. And the Ibans thank the other ethnic group to realise us that we need to change in order to run as fast as you, the Chinese.

Yes, we need to change. But the changes are only successful if we allow ourselves to change. It is us who will change. And, it has nothing to do with politics but education.

Because today, our top priority is not education and to be driven by our economical will, the Ibans will not be able to change. And, whatever bylines, tag, or battlecry this politicians use in their campaign for change – it will not work.

The Ibans are not educated enough to know the meaning of change. And to educate them is not through politics (unfortunately).

If it was politics, the PBDS era was the strongest the Iban have achieved. The CHANGE that time failed because the Ibans do not have the right education and financial will.

How could we run a country when we have not enough managers and financial experts?

Anang kempen mai pemenci ngagai rakyat tang berkempen mih ngena cara ke mai pemanah ke bansa kitai.