09/04 Day trip to Laban Island

First impression on the latest MasWings’ ATR 72-500: WowwWwwiiee!


Before boarding the aircraft, I asked their ground staff on the aircraft’s cargo handling. What is their latest cargo dimension that we can send to Labuan onboard this aircraft? His answer, we need to measure first! Hmm.. I think it is the duty of every ground staff to know their aircraft well.

From my view, the cargo compartment can fit in boxes measuring up to 4′ x 3′ x 5′.. but that’s for MasWings to inform the logistic players on their new cargo handling abilities. Besides that, Labuan is now being service by the Transmile Group, and that makes it easier for us to send bigger and heavier cargo (no problem to fly your motor vehicles now).

Maswings ATR-500

The seats are much better. Its much more comfortable now.


Business class: The overhead compartment has a new sleek aero look and guess what, the ATR 72-500 have a business class area at the front section.


Safety demonstration: Great! Now we do not have to face the beautiful air stewardess. You know lahh.. how it feels like when a beautiful girl demonstrate to you on how to use the safety equipment (right in front of you). Men are always men.. OK!


That’s the good part. Now the not so good part. All passengers will enter the aircraft from its tail. And, that means you will be greeted by the toilet or pantry area. During this trip (first flight to LBU on 9th April), I can sense the smell a little. The contractors must ensure the toilet is clean and that no urine smell greets the passengers.


I missed the seafood at Mawilla Restaurant. The cook was not around when we arrived there (it was 3.30pm) so we just stop for a round of cold Carlsberg beer.


After finishing two bottles each, my staff said that I should try the coffee shop in town – where the Iban always gather for seafood and beer. Ya.. why not!


Location: Kedai Kopi Fah Fah.. located in between Pulau Labuan 1 Hotel and Pulau Labuan II Hotel. The coffee shop serves fried rice, noodle, seafood and for me – I’ll go for grilled seafood.


Beer is cheaper than coke and less sugar LOL…


Grilled manta ray (ikan pari)


Clam with black pepper sauce.. simply delicious!


Grilled ikan putih


Butter prawn – my MESTI ORDER punya seafood.