Clear conscience

I received a lot of SMSes regarding this programme yesterday. In the midst of sending my withdrawal from being in the committee of various function, I received more emails and messages in respond to my intention to stop writing about how I view the political situation in Sarawak, and recently, the movement prior to the N.29 Batang Ai by-election.

After getting views from close friends who share my interest in writing our views through blogs, I decided to continue my no.1 hobby – sharing my views.

To those who have given me harsh comments through my postings, I will not be “killed” by your views because I have a clear conscience. By stopping me, only the handful of you are happy while many others are dissappointed. So, I am here to stay. However, I will strictly moderate your comments. And those that I feel is not worth to be shared with the others shall not be approved and will be deleted. Why would I want to approve destructive and negative comments that is worthless to my readers.