Urgent cloud seedling needed

The photos below are taken this morning. I believe the API reading is between 190-210 and is no better than yesterday evening.




Back in my home town, Saratok, it was reported that the tap have been dry since the last three or four days. Coastal villagers are in urgent need of fresh water supply.

With the current increase in the H1N1 cases, I am not sure if the hospital can cope up with diarrhea cases if the water supplies are not being looked into urgently.

Today, the local media is (again) highlighting the Dudong branch issue again!! When a student email to the opposition, our DCM jump off his seat! The people of Sarawak are interested to know what is being done (at least the latest) on cloud seedling, H1N1 – has the hospital been equipped accordingly, can we speed up the process of tendering and construction of what are required to counter the haze, the H1N1, etc.. before any other major outbreak appear e.g. diarrhea.