Gong Xi Fa Cai from jamesjg.com

jamesjg.com wishes all family members especially sister Wilhelmina (Texas) and families in Miri, Brunei, Bintangor, friends and readers a Happy New Year. Heartiest Congratulations also goes to my niece, Miss Lam Lai Fun who is getting married on 19th February.

May the new year brings in Happiness, Success and Prosperity to all of us! Gong Xi Fa Cai..

Sunday outing

The Chinese New Year mood can be experience in almost all the major mall in Miri. Lion dances were performed at the Bintang Megamall earlier today.

To my Chinese readers, you may invite the troupe to your house during the lunar new year. Their number is as advertised above.

Next, after a quick lunch at Sugar Bun, we proceed to send John and Cheryl for their haircut at Dewi Unisex Salon, located at Level 1 of the old wing.

Next stop – Formula 1 tailor to pick up my lounge suit. The tailor (Mr. Wong) was formerly from Sparkman Shop, and I can assure you that his tailoring is 5 stars. Price? Negotiable, he said.

Finally to wrap our Sunday outing, the boys went for their weekly football game at the Youth Centre, and later join us at Taman Selera for the sunset.

Shot taken with 1/125 shutter speed.

Time to go now..

Celebrating with the mixed marriage


I have not fully recovered yet from the exciting Breakaway event at Similajau Park but still made some visit to a few of our relatives who celebrated Chinese New Year. They are the couples that choose mixed marriage – Chinese/Iban couple.



The day started with some recall of the good old days and this Torys sure brought back those memories. In the eighties, Torys and Suntory were some of the favoured Japanese alcoholic brand in Miri.

Red Food

After the visit, we made our way to Boulevard wet mart and get some seafood for home-cooked dinner.