Cheryl gets her first kain pua

Cheryl gets here first kain pua yesterday after two months of weaving. And it is also Chak-lut’s first attempt to create a personal design for a pua. You may want to read about the Nyungkit and Ngirit process too.

Family of Capricorn

We celebrated my wife’s 38th birthday yesterday with a dinner at Secret Recipe, then back home for the cake.

What’s for dinner?

Chak-Lut ordered the Irish lamb stew.

The two boys ordered Grilled Chicken with Mushroom BBQ.

Cheryl ordered Beef Spaghetti Bolognese.

And I ordered the Mozarella Baked Fish.

Everyone enjoyed the dinner.

And finally, brownies for all!

The Capricorns

January is the month of birthdays in my family. And, today is Cheryl’s 7th birthday and we’ll be celebrating it tomorrow. Starting with mine and my mother-in-law’s on the 12th, my wife and nephew on 14th and Cheryl’s on 15th of January. Happy 7th birthday, Cheryl!