Long wait for YB pledges


This is just what charity dinner organisers needed. A good reminder to those Super Pledgers to pay up what you have pledge over the years (for some).

Having involved in organising dinners and having to jot down the amount pledge by Datuk Datuk, Datin Datin, YB YB and etc.. the job of following up with this pledges is sure a lengthy one. I have a few that has been in our minutes of meeting for years, and soon it will appear again during our BGM!

This year our Bidayuh brother was the organiser of the Divisional Gawai Dayak. They too faced the same problem. It sounds so easy for YB YB Datuk Datuk to pledge during this event and during the committee meeting, things are said and requested as if the organiser have tonnes and tonnes of fund to organise it.

There is also cases of troupe members (yalarr the people who perform during dinners) who are being promised of some token money, and if the amount are in the millions (well some million are only good on paper – and that too involve poor rural commuities), we can understand, but if it involve RM10, RM30 per person.. aiyooo! Cakap pun tarak guna! Bayar lah secepat mungkin and let not minute itover and over, year after year.. konon nya waiting for MRP this and MRP that, budget this and budget that..

The best principle is YB YB Datuk Datuk – DON’T PLEDGE IF YOU CAN’T DELIVER IT WITHIN THE NEXT 30-DAYS.. because during the next 30 days, we will be having our post mortem meeting! That’ll be minute in our minutes of meeting.

Today, when this YB YB Datuk Datuk pledge, we buat dhuhhh saja. Because for a very simple reason.. we can only appreciate it when we see the cheque.

Mercy Malaysia gave Martha Ego a new life


MERCY Malaysia (Sarawak Chapter) has given periorbital mass sufferer Martha Ego a chance for a new life.

For seven years, Martha suffered silently living somewhat in a cocoon.

She shunned people, finding comfort in the little box she called home, keeping much to herself as she was embarrased by the secreting growth under her left eye.

Full article on your printed version of Borneo Post, 13 June 2009. Get your personal copy from the nearest newstand or contact MERCY Malaysia at 012-8771895 for full details.