Mobile blogging kicks off in Batang Ai

The Batang Ai by-election will see the exhibition of the latest Internet technologies and the latest craze – mobile blogging among Dayak broadband Internet users.

Among the veteran bloggers, I know Nadai Nama have been the leader (although he seldom highlight it until recently, with his latest toy). Other bloggers like Vynne (he stopped blogging temporarily to assist other new loaded bloggers to have an Internet existence).

We see Pakatan Rakyat’s Cobbold Lusoi embarking on video blogging as well as short-text blog. Cobbold have been going around with his mobile phone (with video feature) capturing interviews with PR politicians.

Celcom Broadband

According to Celcom, the Dayaks are among the top users of their broadband services. Ya.. why not? With the good prices in agriculture commodity and registration from as low as RM199 (in Kuching), they can get a modem and within 30 mins – ta daaaa – they’re online!

So the Dayaks are top in Betong? A Dayak majority area.. heheheee not now. Before, yes, but today the Malay community has taken over the crown as Celcom top users in Betong.

Anyway, for the Dayak bloggers, our hope is on the availability of good 3G or GPRS signal in Lubok Antu, Engkilili, Sri Aman and Saratok from the Purple, Yellow and Red men.

BN campaigners goes blackberry

Ahh.. it is high time that everyone gets a blackberry phone and nevermind the election, at least you can read your email while on the move and give us a reply. Or.. psstt, you can read blogs and portals anywhere and anytime. Good good eh!

Over in Kuching, my friend’s name is all over the place and it is (of course) well inked on the paper now (poster la) that he is the BN candidate for N.29 Batang Ai by-election scheduled for 7th April 2009.

Our Celcom friend also reported an increase in broadband subscription (mind you it comes with a 24-months contract.. heheheeee) from the BN corner. Well of course it is for them to read and track what the hitech opposition side post on blogs and forums.

Sites that are registered during the last weeks – Keadilan Sarawak and Dayak Nation TV covers the latest from the Opposition camps (well, we hope the coverage is true and reliable).