The Sunday “potong” episode

Recovered Facebook conversation earlier today:

My status: nak POTONG lagi! Si dia cakap terlampau panjang, dan ambil lebih masa setiap kali saya……!


It is time to potong my hair again, since I took too much time in the washroom – washing it, apply a little bit of hair gel every morning. When the time taken comes to 2 minutes over – it reminds me of a hair cut – potong rambut! So, after our Sunday mass, I brought the family for breakfast at Ming Cafe (ya.. where else hor!).. then for the hair cut somewhere behind Naga Liar Nasi Lemak.

Meanwhile, over at Facebook, it was a different story. Hehehehee.. how people “read” the status eh. Here is the copy of my Facebook status responses.

Jacqueline Selaka
Potong apa boss?

Desmond Jerukan
Ya lah…..maybe potong is good…u dah potong?

James Joshua
Nak potong lah ni. Dah naik 42 tahun dia masih panjang.

DJ, u masuk 41 tahun, baik u potong juga. Petang semalam, I tertengok u punya pun panjang.

Leslley Kalom
Jacq:Kamu belum potong lagi???

Jacqueline Selaka

Jacqueline Selaka
LK: awal lagi saya sudah potong sayur untuk makan

Desmond Jerukan
Yalah…nak fikir panjang ini…

Jacqueline Selaka
Mana Saga…sudah ptong kah?

Jacqueline Selaka
LK: Awak sudah potong kah? Kalau sudah ptong kek hari jadi awak empalung perlahan2 kat sini..

Leslley Kalom
Jacq:bukan potong sayur,potong yang panjang tuee…
ermmm..anang nanyO,ndai kik,ndai kik ko aku..muni aku ngapa nn.

Desmond Jerukan
Apa yang tinggal nak dipotong nanti.

Jacqueline Selaka
DS: Tiada Lagi kno ko Mayang Sari nehh

Alvin Tarang Ong
Pu neh?? ari sunat se-borneo

Leslley Kalom

Leslley Kalom
Jacq:anang nyebut,Gula Batu bc lah..

Peter Srang
haaa…potong jangan tak potong…jangan sampai “kucup’ sudah la….enti upa ‘pama’ kucup terlebih putong ia….enda nemu gak enti “Topi Jerman” nya……..haaa

James Joshua
lega nya.. sudah potong!!

James Joshua
sudah potong, kita cari ayam.. hmmm ayam muda fresh ditebingan sungai Miri..

The real “potong” episode was..


Cheryl asked for her hair to be trimmed also since she will be performing during her kindergarten’s year end class presentation. Next year she will be in Primary 1.


She also requested for a hair wash..


What else is good after an early wake up call from the Home Minister, attended Sunday mass and getting my head massage! Ngantuk maiii lekO matO.


After the hair session, we proceed to check the book exhibition at Boulevard Miri.. and hmm.. just looked at this spelling error. Maybe that is the immediate result of our potong stim Education Ministry policy on the usage of English language in Malaysian schools. Didn’t get any books there, though, most of the books are in Chinese.

Next – a trip to our regular ayam potong goreng station – the tastier Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet at Jalan Bendahara. I don’t know about other KFCers, but this outlet seem to have tastier chicken than those elsewhere in Miri. And, yes, you are serve with plates (some outlet in Boulevard serve you with paper plates, and small mini saucer for your chilli sauce). Except for the noisy hand dryer, the outlet is still my favourite for the last 15 years.


Time to go home now.. and we decided to check if the water leak is still happening at the traffic lights at Pujut Corner.


Yupp… it is still as it was; despite numerous complaint from the public, the agencies seem to be slow in their action. Anyway, since their bonus pun kena potong to merely RM500.. nak cakap aper lagi? Budget itu cuma baget. And, next year, please, … please do not be surprise if a notebook purchase by government agencies would cost RM100k per piece. It is normal in Malaysia. A budget is only a budget! Good to hear but the reality is.. blurrrppppp!

Too much durian (I guess).

Rural Sarawak anxiously waiting for the mini budget


I am not sure if the middle-aged group in Sarawak are paying their fullest attention to the mini budget, which will be unveiled by our government today.

Is it going to be rakyat-friendly?

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