Brief encounter with Jadit – the Dayak Music man

Jimmy Adit (right) and the writer.

Its Friday and what a week it was. This week is more like an Iban lingua week. First, I had the opportunity to meet the teachers who make the teaching of Iban language in Sarawak school a success. And later in mid-week, I had the chance to meet the columnist of Dayak Music – Jimmy Adit or better known as Jadit.

I hope Jadit would convert his writing into digital media in the form of a journal. Hence, we will be able to read it online, anytime and anywhere. (Ninga nuan kaban?… anang lama berunding ke ngaga blog Dayak Music).

To the teachers and to the man who promote Dayak music — cheers and ngarap ke ulih betemu baru.

Iban teachers is like Oreo (without the milk)


I am sure many of you will agree with me that is like Oreo – now you see it, now you don’t. Ok, Pierce, I don’t blame you but I think that server needs some serious technical make-over.

I buys the printed version daily, but sometimes, we do read it online and link to the articles.. but if Sarawak’s top paper is as such.. aiyoooo… so typical Sarawak china man style. Lu mau bac lu beli la.. apa free; free!

Hei.. we buy the printed paper to see the Classifieds section lar..

Aden, if you are reading this — PLEASE do something!

The Borneo Post spotted new look

First of all, congratulations to the Layout and Graphic department of the Borneo Post, for finally being able to create the kind of newspaper-look that I have been waiting for. At least for a local media. All I can say is WOW! It is definitely a better paper today. The readablity is definitely there.

Better layout, color separation looks good, but unwelcomed sick stories shouldn’t be there.. not on the first day of a new look. And this sick story also shouldn’t be on page 9 (heii.. the number 9 is a good number!)

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