The Dayaks should emulate 1Kenyah

Hats off to the 1Kenyah community of Belaga for a far sighted mission on the development of their NCR land. All by themselves with a well planned strategy. This is what I have always share with my fellow friends over coffee. To improve ourselves, it have to start from us – ourselves.

The 1Kenyah community is something the rest of the Dayak community should emulate. In that way, we get the best value from our own land and it is definitely still ours.

The State government on the other hand should support this initiative by giving ideas and know-how. The Land & Survey Dept., is to give their full support in the process of alienation of land for development purposes, just like they have given their cooperation to other private companies.

To Mr. Agong Ajan, you are the man and that is the way forward! Thumbs up!

Borneo Post, 13th April 2010