Ulu Krian longhouse folk pledge support to BN

SARIKEI: Longhouse folks of Ulu Krian in the Saratok District, last Saturday night, assured the Barisan Nasional (BN) government of their continued solid support.

The assurance was conveyed through the headmen of all the 21 longhouses in Ulu Krian who attended a ‘leaders with the people’ gathering held at Rumah Kayan, Nanga Telik, Krian that night.

Deputy Home Minister, Jelaing Mersat and Modernisation of Agriculture (Farmers organisation and Coperatives) Assistant Minister, Datuk Peter Nyarok Entrie were guests of honour at the gathering which was attended by over 400 longhouse folks, heads of various government departments, councillors and community leaders.

Headman of the host longhouse, Tr. Kayan when conveying the pledge of support said that the longhouse folks still needed a lot of infrastructure and facilities to improve their livelihood.

Because, the BN government had proven its capability and sincerity in looking after their welfare all this while, it deserved to get their continued support.

“We have full trust in the BN government in as far as bringing development to our area is concerned. The BN government had reciprocated our support with the continuous implementation and delivery of both the small and big projects in our area,” he said.

Although the BN government had done a lot to improve their socio-economic status, they still needed more attention from the government as they still lagged far behind compared to their urban counterparts in term of infrastructure and facilities, he added.

Stressing the pledge of support on behalf of the longhouse folks, Kayan said the fact that only two of their votes went to the opposition last election spoke for itself of their trust in the BN government.

Source: Borneo Post

Things as I see it

Dear friends,

We shouldn’t be back seat political commentators.

No use bitching (sorry, strong word) till the cows go home if we individually don’t come forward, step up and do things the way we want.

No use complaining about the unfairness in the system if all we do is lay back, and watch or let other people make the first move for us because “it’s not MY problem, it’s HIS, so WHY should I bother”.

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Mr. Manager classification

As the Batang Ai by-election campaign reaching its climax today (today is the last day of campaign), Mr. Manager, diverted from his regular entertainment blogging, to make a cool observation on Dayak blogs. Its a 10-1 cyber fight among the supporters. Poor me – being the only one pounded by the 10 heavy weights~! LOL


PKR Camp

It is sad indeed (ukai enda kasih meda nuan aya) to see that recycled Jawah is not getting any help from the super PR leaders. They must thank Tan Sri Khalid for his dedication towards the PKR camp during this by-election campaign.

What happened to the rest of the Pakatan Rakyat leaders? Besides the regular DAP faces, we are surprise not to see Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, the Singhs, etc. On the Women movement, why is Wan Azizah not there?

PKR may have their own strategies (probably), but from my personal view, PKR Sarawak is indeed on its own – fighting the battle on its own.

The issues are not concrete either. Besides posting (God knows what manner they use) blog articles and (God knows what manner they use too) comments in multiple blogs, the message is not reaching the voters.¬† On this point, I must agree with Datuk Joseph Salang. The blogs are not reaching the audience (yet). Probably the opposition bloggers need to post more photos, videos and less of text postings that contains words that are not pleasant to read. That’s your downfall, brothers.. people can take it once, but when it becomes a cancerous blog, it will chase your readers away.

You have all the rights to get angry with the situation, but anger expressed in a bad manner will not earn you any credits. It only paint a bad picture on the site (in this case).

Anyway, after 7th April, these opposition bloggers need to review all the posts and comments and work on its level of acceptance.

Malcom Mossem LamohThe path to Dewan Undangan Negeri

Mossem is on his way to the Dewan Undangan Negeri with a new mission – to continue where it was disrupted (following the illness that leads to the late Datuk Dublin’s death) and to set up Community centres in four main areas that will assist him to serve the constituency before the next battle comes in two years time. Time is short, but we know he can do it!