Ling Garden’s Bah Kut Teh

Tired of eating the same food in Miri? Maybe you should try the bah kut teh at Ling Garden’s coffee shop located near the Krokop Wet Market at Krokop Lorong 10. The bah kut teh is prepared and serve by an elderly Chinese man. By the age, he must be an expert in bah kut teh (you think so? Check out and try larr!)


Ohh.. just a reminder; if you are in a hurry, please don’t stress yourself to dine here. It’s an old man preparing your meal, ok! After a while of waiting (errr.. I finished my steamed chicken rice before the bah kut teh finally arrived), the rice finally came.

The rice is served with deep fried pork fat.  Aiyaa.. never mind the diet, good things are really fatty one.. heheheee.. So, if you are into those slim shape, go and tapau your meal from home.


The bah kut teh is served with a combination of pork rib,  the small little toes, sweet intestine, a little three-layer meat, dried bean curd and mushroom, green veggie and a little of pork ear.

No need to ask me how it taste, otherwise, I won’t post it here.. here! And, after 10 mins of nyam nyam..


Gone in 10 mins! My late grandpa always remind me, never waste your food because God have given you what you need today.

And, if you are not happy about this post, go and try it yourself.. (what? How much?… Ohh.. it’s RM7 per serving). Here is a map for your navigation guide.


No, no.. the Chinese man did not pay me to write this ** smile **

Food I like!

Obviously, when you reached forty years old, your taste for food will change. Here are some of my favourite.


Plain simple Bah Kut Teh (yess.. must be the ribs) with extra ginger and mushroom.


Nothing better than a home-cooked fried kangkong with sambal belacan (extra pedas) and more onion. Those served at Chinese restaurant are less spicy, obviously, in Sarawak, the Chinese do not favour spicy food unlike the West Malaysian Chinese.


And of course some sweet veggy with sliced garlic and onion.