Mee Atak Bungkus

An angel came to my office today and brought this packages. I didn’t have my breakfast with my wife and son (as usual) since they have to join Naga Tang and mrs at Centrepoint for breakfast.

And, just when I thought of having my breakfast at a nearby kopitiam, the packages arrived! Baka ka nemu endar Sebugey kitai ke lapar. Thank you so much to Sebugey. My kids have never eaten any of Atak’s speciality (jauh and out of my regular route) and their first impression was – eeeeeeeeeee…. nyamai mee tu! Cukup masin. Keno ko…

Mee Atak

And, my kids became their latest fan! Hmm… there must be something with Mee Atak that it have become so popular among Mirians. To all the fans of Mee Atak worldwide.. here is the close up shot of your favourite noodle. Click on the image for full view.

Close up mee atak

Why Atakelicious – because mee atak is simply delicious!