Back online

I was almost cut off from civilisation for the last few days if not for my aging O2 XDA II pocket PC that has enabled me to check my important email accounts. My Acer Aspire 5572ANWXMi notebook’s power port got it small pin detached (the one pointed by the arrow). So, it have to go to the ICU of ActivSolution for parts exchange..

I was lucky that my Acer notebook have its power port separated from the mainboard, otherwise, it would cost me a bomb to replace it. At least the power port only cost me RM110 (incl courier charges from KL).

Learning point
Check that the power pin is larger and tougher! A quick glance at ASUS notebook, their power pin is about twice as large as the one shown above. And, better still if it is separated from the notebook mainboard.

So, ask your dealer on this simple technical things before you decide to purchase one next time…

Me: Cute, small, light but 40Gb (hmmmm not enough to store my programs).