Hari Raya holidays at Ulu Krian


I took the opportunity to balik kampung during the long holiday break. It was a pleasant seven hours drive from Miri to Saratok with brief ‘pitstops’ at Bintulu for breakfast and Sebangkoi National Park for lunch.

Before proceeding to Ulu Krian, we shop for some groceries at Saratok town (and of course a few crates of beer.. you’ll need it due to the lower temperature uphill).

At KM6 (near SK Praja), some major road repair is being carried out. The road was slippery, but we managed to passed through. Thank you to DE Cassidy (JKR Saratok) for the good work.

Second Day of Raya – Fish Pond

We didn’t do anything on the first day – it was fun just to sit down and enjoy the kampung atmosphere with family members and longhouse friends, over some beer. With the rain, it was a little cooler (I think it was around 16 degrees Celsius at night). We took our bath at 3pm at Sungai Krian or else, you may need to take your bath with some warm water back at the bilek.


We have two fish ponds, both filled with talipia fish. This Raya, we decide to drain one of the pond since it is no longer productive. The kids were equally excited and for some it was a first-time experience.


No pork!

Everyone voted for fish and kampung chicken! Here goes..


Jaik mimpi sekeda bala sida tu..




Kampung chicken meat is usually tougher than those sold in the supermarket. It is almost like the ayam pencen meat in West Malaysia, except ours is more sweeter due to its kampung diet. And to have it grilled is a must if you enjoyed grilled chicken.


Close-up shot

Here is some attempt to try my close-up shot skill. What do you think?


Third Day of Raya – Back to Miri

On the third day of Raya, we return back to Miri with ‘pitstops’ at Jakar bazaar in Sarikei for breakfast and in Sibu for lunch.



Ops Sikap

We did not meet any roadblocks during this year’s Ops Sikap. Despite that, we did not see any accident scene, too, along the way. However, there were a few incident of close overtaking by road users who rushes home for the Raya and back to the cities and town yesterday. Hopefully in the future, Ops Sikap is a reality and not merely good on the media and news.