Mussen heading for a good start


Our new Yang Berhormat is heading for a good start being in public office. He will be the first Iban Yang Berhormat to be sworn-in at the new Dewan Undangan Negeri building during the coming May sitting.

Nevertheless, our new YB needs to recall back all the pledges that were announced during the recent concluded Batang Ai by-election. Pledges come in from the State and the Federal agencies. Read the full news extract here.

Two years to bring the voters together

With the setting up of the two service centres, we hope YB Mussen will be able to form all his working committees to keep track of all the pledges made by the Barisan Nasional. Some of the project may make it way soon and some may need more time to work on the documentations, etc.

Two years is too short, but I am sure the Barisan Nasional is capable to deliver what has been pledged. The deliveries of Batang Ai is definitely our benchmark for the Barisan Nasional under the new Prime Minister’s leadership.

A bad start to 1Malaysia

Despite the various media coverage on our Prime Minister 1Malaysia concept, one of our local YB seem to be having a different view on 1Malaysia. In a recent press conference, the YB was seen to have divided the Dayak into two groups – THE DAYAKS and THE ORANG ULU. I believe there is no need for him to mention that, and further more the event is being organised by the Bidayuh community.

The particular YB also get some bashing from his fellow tribesman on his idea on Lun Dayak. What could be better than hearing it at a symposium right from the people themselves.

To me, 1Malaysia is just about UNITY – ONE means united ONE. Malaysians need to be united to face global issues. When our Prime Minister talks about 1Malaysia, he is referring to Malaysia in its international standings. We definitely need to be UNITED to be a strong nation regardless of what our political views, cultural and customary practices are.

Support for Miri Citizen Shelter

It was sad indeed that our noble project did not get any attention during the symposium. Nevertheless, we thank the various timber companies for their support towards making the project a success.