Anwar Ibrahim gotta get it right

During his visit to Miri recently, the Opposition leader told his supporter that he shall bring the NCR issue to Parliament this week.

By the look of the photo above, taken during the opposition dinner at Eastwood Valley in Miri, Datuk Seri Anwar sure need to get the facts right on NCR – Native Customary Rights. It is NCR and not NRC as printed. And, we Dayaks, are Malaysia – we are not a nation on our own.. If we are a nation of our own, then we do not need the Pakatan Rakyat to speak for us.

Hence, get the right facts before you mention it in Parliament, otherwise you will only make the Dayaks looked upon as a clown.

Dr. James should also do that for NCR issues

The people of Sarawak who are owners to NCR land would be grateful if such an approach be apply to the long outstanding issues on the status of their land. There are so many court cases involving NCR titles claimed by the native of Sarawak. The faster this cases are solved, the faster the native can develop their land on their own.