Jabu vs. Dayakbaru.com


I will not be distracted by bloggers: Jabu
By Churchill Edward

KUCHING: Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Alfred Jabu Numpang said he will not fall prey to bloggers who are trying to keep him away from his constituents.

Jabu, who holds the portfolios of Minister of Rural Development and Minister of Infrastructure Development and Communications, said bloggers’ criticism of him would not prevent him from maintaining his personal touch with the grassroots.

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When I first read this article, I thought Jabu was referring to another blog. It is not common for the media to mention a website domain name (sometimes, when there’s a press conference on website launch, we will not be given the URL in the printed paper).

Before, you guys screw me, let me get it straight – this is my personal view and I am not siding anyone.


What I see in Jabu

As a member of a Dayak association, Jabu have not failed in helping us (the association) with the educational awards and seminars that we have organise. Yes, we need to justify for the grant, but at the end of the day, it is the Iban students who benefited from it. Though the amount is small, but it is indeed seen as a reward for excellency in education. I hope Jabu will continue to give us that grant this year, as he wish to see us organise a bigger seminar in the future.

Salcra baru!

As far as I am concern, and while I travelled to the Paku, Saratok, Lubok Antu, Serian where SALCRA have their plantation, I did ask around if the people (the participants) are not happy with SALCRA. Non said they are not happy! This is in contrast with claims by various NGOs.

While in Saratok, I did ask the people at Rh. Kumpai, if SALCRA have benefited them in term of employment and other things – they answered yes, we who have little education will work with SALCRA, while we use that money to finance our brothers and sisters to gain higher education. Again this the opposite of what is being claimed.

What I see in Dayakbaru.com

The ideas are good. The young generation can accept it. But how are they going to implement/deliver it?

  1. Work with Jabu who is in the government and with all the resources. Sayau ke pemandai bisi tang nadai vehicle to deliver it to the people.
  2. You need the government vehicle to make it work. The Dayak cannot wait for a new government to be form to make that happen. Start now! If you win the next State Election, then it is a bonus. If you don’t, will it be deserted?

Plead by the common Dayaks

Can you guys work together and set aside your political differences and implement what is the best for the Dayak community. For a start, Mercy Malaysia is trying to acquire a building in Piasau Garden and transform it to a temporary shelter for the rural poor Dayaks who comes to Miri for medical treatment and other matters.

The contribution may be small, but it means so much to the person who received it.

As long as you guys brings politics into community services, there will be no community services. Look at the newly given Dayak cemetery in Miri.. siko pan nadai meh kita respond when we seek your assistance to develop it – land clearing etc etc.. Where are the other Dayak associations in Miri?

Go to the ground and just do it..

NCR getting complicated


I am writing this post based on my own experience in dealing with NCR land issues. More than a decade ago, a timber company encroached into our land with a clear purpose of extracting timber from our pulau (land reserved). My kampong folks were quick to detect their encroachment and immediately confront the timber workers.

A few of my kampong folks were jailed for stoping this workers. We were advised to get a court injunction to stop the extraction of timber immediately. So, our tuai rumah and his JKKK members went to Kuching to look for a legal firm who could assist them.

Most of the legal firm, especially those that are in the panel list for government matters, financial institution, and anything that connects them to the government and local authorities, decline to take up our case. Hence, we are only left with legal firms that are owned by the members of the opposition.

What choice do we have? The only choice is to engage this legal firm because we need to get a court injunction fast. Later, we finally get a court injunction to stop the extraction of timber from our land.

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Unhealthy and worries

In respond to the article “Independent’s MRP handouts raise eyebrow” published in the Borneo Post today, and, in the interest of the people of Engkilili, there is nothing wrong receiving MRP from any state assemblyman. Regardless whether the area is won by the BN or independent or the opposition, the people should not be a victim of their politics.

The people are Sarawakian anyway, hence, why need to divide them through political differences? Just because they did not voted for the government of the day, then they should be punished? What the government of the day should do is to go back and prove the opposition wrong by not stopping all kinds of assistance and development. Itu baru adil!

I do not understand why certain leaders said it was not right, while YB Abdul Karim rejected suggestions to says its unhealthy. What is healthy then? Probably these leaders should walk their talk! The Dayak community in Miri needs a temporary shelter, so, bank-in to this cause, immediately. Miri is a BN area all these while with Dayaks living there.

Or, maybe its time that all Dayak areas should have a temporary shelter for the rural poor to stay while attending to their needs in the city or towns. Why must we wait for our Chinese brothers to think about it?

With this opportunity, I would like to thank the State governemnt for the MRP and to YB Dr. Johnicol for the RM65,000 of tax payers money that have been given back to the people.

How do we measure BN’s success in rural areas?

What is success? How do we measure success? With whom should we compare it to? Is our rural roads a symbol of BN’s success? Is the “tunggu peruntukkan” a short-cut answers to these questions? Why worry if PR have 30-40 people attending their function when BN have a strong support at these areas? Why can’t the people give them a try?

Its like buying a car.. if you don’t like Proton, can always switch to D-Max, anyway.. right? Win or lose, we shall see after that lahh..

The Chinese leaders are worry..


If you ask me.. the only way for me to see what is happening in the rural areas if via reliable blogs by bloggers from the rural areas.. If we are to wait for the government to give us a good briefing.. poorraahhhh! Then, we wait and should attend their ceramah after nomination day!

To the rural voters, their worries are on the prices of pepper, rubber and palm oil. To the Chinese politicians, all seat are unsafe (for now).