Water supply needed for SK Rancangan Sepupok

This is a government school and it has never enjoyed treated water supply since its opening decades ago. The school is located in a Barisan Nasional stronghold constituency of Bekenu under YB Rosey Yunus and their parliamentarian is YB Tuan Haji Ahmad Lai.

It is sad to note the failure of the Education Ministry in providing treated water to this school despite its short distance from Batu Niah bazaar – the home of the famous Niah Caves.

Does the failure have anything to do with the school being in a Dayak majority area? To the residents of Rancangan Sepupok – it is!

A month ago, the Education Minister declared open a new multi-million dollar school in sub-urban Miri and here, just 100km from Miri, lies a school that probably never appear in the ministry list of schools requiring urgent assistance.

Read the full news report here.

Updates from Facebook on 24 Feb

Lukanisman Awang Sauni Hello Mr James, Fyi, Tahun Lepas, YB Hj Mat Lai berjaya membawa projek paip air dibawah kementerian luar bandar, sehingga rumah selan di skim sepupok. still on going projek, this year we will try our best to bring this project up to sk sepupok. BUT we need kerjasama semua pihak..Kertas cadangan sudah di hantar kepada Kementerian Luar Bandar.

Makluman projek bekalan air ke kpg tiris sehingga rumah entri sudah bermula.

Lukanisman Awang Sauni untuk isu sk sepupok sudah beberapa kali YB membawa perkara tersebut ke dewan parlimen dama ucapan pengulungan dan soalan lisan parlimen.

saya merasakan kerjasama juga perlu dari pihak kementerian pelajaran , pejabat pelajaran, D.o, S.A.o dan lain.

Thank you so much mr james highlight this issue to others!

Sunday outing

The Chinese New Year mood can be experience in almost all the major mall in Miri. Lion dances were performed at the Bintang Megamall earlier today.

To my Chinese readers, you may invite the troupe to your house during the lunar new year. Their number is as advertised above.

Next, after a quick lunch at Sugar Bun, we proceed to send John and Cheryl for their haircut at Dewi Unisex Salon, located at Level 1 of the old wing.

Next stop – Formula 1 tailor to pick up my lounge suit. The tailor (Mr. Wong) was formerly from Sparkman Shop, and I can assure you that his tailoring is 5 stars. Price? Negotiable, he said.

Finally to wrap our Sunday outing, the boys went for their weekly football game at the Youth Centre, and later join us at Taman Selera for the sunset.

Shot taken with 1/125 shutter speed.

Time to go now..

The Return of the Green Man

It seem that the infamous green men have return to haunt the road users in Miri. No one is crossing and yet the 20 sec green man appears.

Was it a ghost? Was it the timing system? Was it a total nuisance? Yes.. the third one!

Miri City Council, please look into this famous traffic light system again. It is really wasting our time to wait for the 20 sec to run. Probably that green arrow need better bulbs and to be more brighter!