Tai Li, Marina Bay


Last Monday I planned to bring a couple of friends from Kuching to this place. We didn’t make it that evening for a simple reason that it might not have what we want – Green Label and Macallan. For that reason, we stick to SOHO and had our drinks and dinner there. Green Label (RM320) and the Macallan (RM360) at SOHO..ghee!

And, for that reason too, I decided to pay Tai Li a visit yesterday and here are the photos…


The place do not have much variety of liquor or wine. But if you are into beer, then this place will be OK. As for food, they only have salad to offer yesterday (which I didn’t order). I was expecting something like french fries, fried ikan bilis, peanut to go with my beer.

The bottled beer was sold at RM10 each.. that’s the price we gotta pay for a good view and quiet place to chit chat.. Coke is sold at RM6 per can.

If you going for a diet date and just talking… then this is your paradise (away from Miri).


Please make sure you do not drink too much. I couldn’t see any life jacket around the vessel or along the plankwalk leading to the vessel.