When will we see more Dayak blog?

New Straits Times

Now that RumahDayak.com is back to normal after a whole night of server configuration, migration, restoration, etc., there is so much to write and share (probably due to the extra time we have reading the papers, while waiting for the server to be up and running :D)

In the New Straits Times, we have a great show in Astro’s Discovery Travel and Living through their new series – 5 Takes. The show is about video blogging and online diary. The point I share and agreed with the writer was, they should make a stop at our Mulu National Park, one of the Wonders of the World and write a blog entry about it.

The reporting is raw and via a blog. And, we have so many Dayak writers out there who could do the same and share their blog with us. At the present time, I can see that this is the only way we can read your mind and heart towards the path to Modern Sarawak!

Remember, every citizen is a reporter, and report the truth because the rest of Malaysia wants to know the truth of what is happening in your area.

Good luck!

It is about time, bro!


It is about time the Ningkan rejoin the government party. Glad to read about the news this morning and just what I needed after the slight delay in migrating my RumahDayak.com portal to the new Virtual Private Server hosting.

According to my technical personnel, the delay was due to some hardware installation at the hosting company.

Can’t keep on getting the ‘suspension’ notice as if we didn’t pay the hosting charges!

What’s with April 20?
Since yesterday, I have been listening to various talks on the street, websites, forum, etc that there will be a special DUN sitting. And, with the election fever getting heated up, everyone thought it will be ‘the announcement‘ of the next state election.

Well, I would think it should be an announcement of full support and endorsement for the recently tabled Ninth Malaysian Plan (RMK9) by our beloved Prime Minister.

If there is an announcement on the dissolution of the Dewan Undangan Negeri, then, it is high time the people (a more mature voters) elect a new set of people representative – and this time it should be a good team of young, highly educated and dynamic representative who can bring Sarawak into a better State and lead the way in making Malaysia a developed nation.

We have the RMK9 and what we need is a really really good educated politician who can bang the tables and move the people into the new era of Modern Sarawak!

I will give all the full support to this new representatives in the newly formed State Government via RumahDayak.com!!

Oooo Haa…! Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban.