National Toilet Council


I look forward to the improvement of these 10,000 primary and secondary schools toilet. A good budget should be set aside to replace or build this toilets. And I plea to the government to set aside a higher maintenance budget for this toilets.

I have once, work on a tender for the cleaning of toilet for schools, and sadly, we didn’t get the tender at a price that includes good and high quality air refreshener, better cleaning detergent to wash, mob the toilet floor, etc.

I got to know that most school uses normal cheap detergent for washing clothes, and vim for the toilet bowl. Considering the number of students who uses this toilets daily, I don’t think that these detergent can perform the job to maintain the toilets.

So, Datuk Lau, not only we need good toilet, but we need better budget to maintain it!

Anyway, bravo for the toilets!

There are the lowest, but we do not have a choice…


With politicians having the lowest ranking, and we see them everyday on the tube, hear them through the radio channels, and we have to make-trust them of what they say.

In Sarawak, I think it is not trying to trust them but more like trying to be patient and wait till it happen.

It has been years since the Batang Ai dam deliver electricity to the urban town of Sarawak, and we, at our farms, could just see the birds creating their homes at the pillars of this electricity lines..

When will we enjoy it, only God knows where the priority lies in the heart of the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister together with their long entourage of Ministers and officials.


On paper that was what they said in Parliament. On the ground, it is totally a “huh..really ha?” kind of report.

I have never hear Datuk Shaziman making a visit to the rural of Sarawak, not even to the longhouses in ulu Pakan, Paku, Julau, Belaga, etc..

The rest is just to “Amen” the truth of the survey – they are the No.15, and if there is a No.1000, they will take that position too!