Thumbs up to Datuk Daud Abdul Rahman

Borneo Post, 11 March 2009

We start the day with the good news. Thumbs up to Datuk Daud Abdul Rahman who is the Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister’s Department (Islamic Affairs) for the acceptable approach on the issue of the usage of the word “Allah” in Christians publication, especially Sarawak, where majority of the native are using Bahasa Malaysia for their service.

There are times that we do not have to listen to our West Malaysian leaders, because it is our own leaders who understand our local situation better.

The peace and harmony that we have been keeping for centuries should be the top priority in what ever decision that has to be made.

Does what we write might become a reality?

The image above was posted by YB Elizabeth Wong on her blog on 1 August 2007, and recently she became a victim of a similar post – photo post.

I have not seen the nude photos yet, but.. mmmmmmmmm (am just curious on when it was taken).

Shooting the full moon

Do you know that the full moon this Sunday (tomorrow) is the biggest and the fullest full moon for the year 2009? Well according to this report I read at Yahoo.. it shall be the only one.

I hope the sky is clear over Miri tomorrow so that we can have a good shot of the moon when it is at its fullest and brightest at 11:28pm.

Please let me know if you have shots of the moon tomorrow from your location.


Did crash? Nahh.. Only their MySQL server crashed probably.


Here comes the rain again

It was a day of rain and lots of it. Some parts of Miri is under few centimetres of water. My dad’s house was flooded at the kitchen and car porch. Some relatives at Desa Indah 3 also got flooded.


And over in town this morning, the visibility was poor.. as you can see from the photo below.


Cheers and happy weekend!