Labung Lemambang

LABUNG LEMAMBANG ditenun Chak Lut ngena chara Karap Iban.

For my English speaking friends, here is the meaning of the Iban words used in my caption.

Labung — a long piece of cloth wrapped round the head of a man used to cover the top of the head and the hair. Syn: kain sengkabung pala, kuling.

Lemambang — bardic-priests, persons, both men and women, skilled in changing invocatory chants, in making blessings, praying, in performing dirges, welcoming trophy heads, etc. They are the masters of myth and words of power, poets or bards.


1. NCR new survey initiative had been fully explained by the government made by presentation from the Land and Survey Department. YB ADUN for N34 Krian should have make an attempt to have an audience with the Land and Survey Dept. before making his statement to the social media and the print media.

2. The exercise implementation is for the whole of Sarawak, not for Saratok only as claimed by YB ADUN for N34 Krian in his statement.

3. The NCR new survey initiative had been accepted by most of the Iban community in Saratok, and fortunately, ADUN for N34 Krian and his supporters know it well.

4. In his press statement, ADUN N34 Krian doesn’t dare to explicitly denounce and to call on the Ibans in Saratok to fully reject the NCR new survey initiative because he know majority of the Ibans in Saratok, including his supporters, have accepted the exercise. YB ADUN for N34 Krian is scared and does not dare to alienate his supporters, and to lose their support if he is to call on all the Ibans in Saratok to reject the NCR new survey initiative.

5. YB ADUN for N34 Krian does not want the people to support this initiative which have been accepted by majority Iban community, hence YB ADUN for N34 Krian is prepared to sacrifice the interest of the Ibans in Saratok, for the sack of his narrow politics.

6. Further to that, YB ADUN for N34 Krian doesn’t dare to take responsibility if, because of his statements, NCR lands in Krian constituency would be left out of the survey exercise altogether.

7. This behaviour is certainly not an attribute of the so called “Bujang Berani” as his supporters and admirers always potray him to be.

8. Instead, ADUN for N34 Krian, attempted to cultivate fear in the mind of the Ibans in Saratok that the perimeter survey would downgrade the status of their NCR lands, and the exercise would make it easier for the government to rob their lands.

9. In his overzealousness to sow the seed of fear in the mind of the people, YB ADUN for N34 Krian, had conveniently and purposely omitted to mention phase two of the exercise, i.e., to survey individual lands, free of charge, and to issue individual land titles with zero premium, added with a perpetuity grant.

10. Ba penemu kitai Iban, YB ADUN N34 Krian tu, enda indah baka orang ke madahka bisi antu ba  tuchung bukit kena ngenakutka orang, tang  iya empu pan takut ga niki ngagai tuchung bukit nya.

11. This is hoodwinking politics at it’s best or worst, whichever way you (the media and social media users) want to look at it.

12. So much for the so called “Bujang Berani”.


James Joshua Guang
SPDP Youth Exco