Latong Cafe


Latong is becoming one of the hot spots in Miri. Located next to Teo Clinic and across the Borneo Post building, it offers karaoke, darts and pool for their customer. Beside that, local and western food is also serve.


Lamb chop


Grilled fish


Pool table

Preserved Durian

Tempoyak - preseved durian

Nothing better than to have tempoyak (preserved durian) and a bowl of warm rice for lunch or dinner.

Add some chillie, ikan bilis, onion and a little pepper.. fried it as seen above.. and slurrpppsssss.. the world is yours!

Macro: Kueh Chap

Kueh Chap

Kueh Chap – a favourite cuisine at WZT Cafe in Miri. Its a little salty but overall I would say this is the best Kueh Chap in northern Sarawak.

Kueh Chap Macro Shot

The pig’s intestine is one of the ingredient used to serve Kueh Chap… hmmm yummy!