Haze haze haze

Miri, once again is blanketed by thick haze this morning. The haze is caused by forest fire around Miri over the past few days. Here are some shots taken this morning.

Traffic light at the t-junction to Miri Airport at 5.47 am.

Airport Road (infront of the army camp) at 6.25 am.

Traffic light infront of St. Columba’s Church at 6.40 am.

View from Puchong Flyover heading towards Bintang Megamall at 6.48 am.

Condition at Pujut Flyover at 6.56 am.

Piasau Business Park at 7.00 am.

Jalan Bulatan at 8.00 am.

The sun over Seberkas Commercial Centre. Shot taken behind car shade.

Close up of the sun. My first attempt behind the car shade. heheheheeee

We hope the authority will do something on the haze condition in Miri. The long overdue watch tower should be in place by now! It has been over two years and the reason why it is not there – JKR still working on the plan (hahahaaa.. ). Do we have capable architect? Or it is just plan simple – no fund, no budget.. wait for the next Malaysia Plan.

The annual haze is back!

The annual haze festival is back in Miri. The photo was taken at 7.07 am today after the Piasau Bridge heading towards GK Supermarket.

What’s cool about it? Our electricity bill will sure to shoot up to keep our homes cool.

This year the temperature seem to be higher than last year. Are we experiencing the effect of global warming?