Spring Roll

SPRING ROLL is a popular appetizer or snack in many Asian cuisines. It is typically made by filling a thin pastry wrapper with a variety of ingredients such as vegetables, meat, seafood, or tofu, and then rolling it up tightly before being deep-fried or served fresh.

The history of spring rolls can be traced back to ancient China, where they were originally known as “popiah.” These rolls were made by placing various ingredients inside a thin pancake-like wrapper made of wheat flour or rice paper. The fillings usually included shredded vegetables, meat, and sometimes noodles.

Over time, spring rolls spread to other Asian countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia and Malaysia, where they were adapted to suit local flavours and ingredients. In Vietnam, for example, spring rolls are called “Goi Cuon” and are typically made with rice paper wrappers, fresh herbs, and shrimp or pork.

In addition to the classic deep-fried version, fresh or summer rolls have also gained popularity. These involve using fresh, uncooked ingredients such as lettuce, bean sprouts, herbs, and cooked protein, which are wrapped in a translucent rice paper wrapper.

Today, spring rolls are enjoyed worldwide, both in Asian restaurants and as a homemade dish. They are appreciated for their crispy texture, vibrant flavors, and versatility to accommodate various dietary preferences, making them a beloved culinary delight.

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