SPDP comes up with multi-racial supreme council

Source: Star Sarawak
By Rintos Mail

KUCHING: SPDP had formed a Special Chinese Outreach Committee.

The formation of the committee was announced by the president Tan Sri William Mawan after the party’s supreme council meeting at the party headquarters.

Mawan, who is Social Develop–ment Minister, said the role of the committee, which is headed by SPDP deputy president and Bintulu MP Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing and treasurer general Senator Pau Chiung Ung, was to examine various ways of getting the Chinese active in the state Barisan.

He said although the majority of urban Chinese had voted for the Opposition, SPDP believed that it was not because they like the DAP.

“There are reasons why they did not vote for Barisan and the committee has been tasked to look into them and bring them back to mainstream politics.

“If we don’t play our role in this area, we will be accused of not working outside our own areas,” he said yesterday.

Mawan said the committee would look for some collaborative efforts with other component parties on the matter.

“We are not looking at Bintulu only, but also other predominantly Chinese seats,” he said.

Respond from Mawan on the alleged back-stabbing in Julau.

Wong-Salang quarrel can be settled privately, says Mawan

KUCHING: SPDP president Tan Sri William Mawan had expressed “deep regret” that the personal differences between Datuk Joseph Salang and Wong Judat had become a public affair.

He said the differences could be resolved amicably behind closed doors if there was sincerity in doing so.

Mawan, who is Social Develop–ment Minister, said he was aware of the personal differences between the two leaders, but never thought it would be a serious issue.

He said Wong, who was a close friend of Salang for more than 10 years, was unhappy with the latter over a road project.

He said at one function, both of them even tried to seize a microphone from each other to explain the issue to the audience.

He said since that incident, they were no longer in good terms, and Salang only helped him (Mawan) and not Wong in the last state polls.

Mawan said during the elections, some of Salang’s supporters were allegedly campaigning against Wong.

“Because of that, Wong was not happy and said he would campaign against Salang in the parliamentary election.

“To me, it is better to resolve this matter in private and not in the press,” he said in response to PRS’ warning to Barisan Nasional leaders against sabotaging Julau.

Mawan said some people could have stirred up the personal differences between the two for their own advantages.

He believed the Julau constituency was causing a lot of worries to PRS primarily because an old enemy was making a comeback.

He said former Julau MP Datuk Sng Chee Hua has been going to the ground to meet his own men and promoting the Sarawak Workers Party.

He believed Wong would subscribe to team work if there was sincere effort made to resolve the differences.

“I’m prepared to discuss the matter if PRS leadership wants to meet me. But I can’t come to see them and say I’m sorry because I or SPDP has done nothing wrong to PRS,” he said.

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