SPDP Youth wants sacked five to quit government posts

SPDP Youth Chief, Cr. Robert Ayu

BINTULU: During the Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) Youth Triennial General Assembly yesterday several resolutions were brought up.

Notably, it wanted the sacked elected representatives to immediately resign from their positions in the government for not being members of the party.

In addition, it insisted that party members should then fill these vacated positions.

In a show of unity the assembly pledged full support for the party president to continue leading the party.

It also urged the party leaders to identify potential candidates for the forthcoming parliamentary election as soon as possible and to defend their choice of candidates at all costs.

Another resolution was to review the current Youth’s representation in local councils and government-linked companies (GLC) and to request for additional posts for the Youth wing.

Robert Ayu remains the Youth chief while his deputy is Michael Sim Bean Huat; senior vice-chairman 1 is Johnny Baling Talek; senior vice-chairman II – Lau Euo Chung; vice-chairman 1 – Johnny Ling Sing She; vice-chairman 2 – Peter Lau Pern Chen; vice-chairman 3 – Barin Medan; vice-chairman 4 – Felix Tan and vice-chairman 5 – Wilson Lau Hee Huat.

Secretary is Khairuddin Abdul Kadir; assistant secretary – Romulus Charles Agan; treasurer – Zubrisky Bansang Mawan; assistant treasurer – Lau Lik Sing; information chief – James Joshua Guang.

The nine committee members are Danny Mason; Cr Robert Tugang; James Jimbun; Brian Langit; Surash Kanagaretanan; Percy Mujan Beriak; David Yeo Ang Lim; Robin Edward Mugang and Menden Dawit.

SPDP Women’s Wing chief Chiew Yen Chew retains her post; deputy chief is Theresa Udam; senior vice-chief – Dius Kusam; vice-chief 1 – Janet Lee Chai Fong; vice-chief II – Kijan Toynbee; vice-chief III – Lancia Tasing; vice-chief IV – Helen Kasing.

Olivia Chan Wie Ching is the secretary; assistant secretary – Florence Christy; treasurer – Rhoda Ting Tung Hua; assistant treasurer – Elizabeth Ting Leh Ging; information chief – Hilda Mesen Mayor.

Committee members are Misnah Ashak; Cr Lim Goon Tee; Alyik Manding; Lucy Ling Siew Lam; Stefanine Evelyn Inte Bubong; Wendy Terang; Yong King Sieng; Florence Brown; Dhoroty Suut and Ester Joseph Usan.

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