SPDP Youth a transformation agent — Robert

BINTULU: The Youth wing of Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) will be a transformation agent to ensure greater success for the party.

Its Youth chief Robert Ayu when speaking at the opening of SPDP Youth wing Triennial General Assembly yesterday said transformation is a must.

“We need to change. It’s a normal phenomenon. We must change for the better, be brave! If not, members will lost interest in the party. We are going to be left out and our party will become obsolete,” he said.

He pointed out that they have set up a committee to carry out transformation plan especially to attract young members.

Robert said the committee have started working on the ground by sharing information and explaining the vision and mission of the party among the members at grassroots level.

“We need effective monitoring system to evaluate the success of the plan so that it can produce practical results to create a positive impact for this transformation plan and also the success of National Key Result Area,” said Robert.

According to him the government has implemented its transformation and reformation programmes and it shows that the federal government have a strong will to change from its old mentality.

“Of course transformation takes time and we urge the implementation to be carried out in a transparent manner to speed up the process,” he said.

He said the abolishment of the Internal Security Act and review of the Universities and University Colleges Act (AUKU) should be speeded up in order to give freedom of speech to media and more freedom to students.

The SPDP Youth he said has also suggested the use local knowledge, history and old settlement sites as one of the ways to carry out an effective perimeter survey for Native Customary Rights land and not just based on aerial photograph of 1958.

Robert added the SPDP Youth has actually achieved many successes in the past two years but due to the crisis all has been submerged.

“This is our mistake and I don’t want to point finger to anyone. We should not take this for granted. We need to improve, to strengthen the party and win back the seats that we have lost,” he added.

He disclosed based on a laboratory research by the BN Youth wing, the result of the past election involves 40 per cent of young voters.

Some 35 per cent choose based on party, 34 per cent based on candidates and another 27 per cent choose based on the federal leaders.

Meanwhile, 62 per cent of young voters were fence sitters, said Robert thus he assured that more briefings will be given to this group especially on government development policies.

He also proposed that young talented members of SPDP be given an opportunity in higher post of party’s administration or even as candidate for election.

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