Government agencies are essential, says Mawan

Source: Borneo Post, 31 March 2012

PAKAN: Government agencies are vital to ensure efficient and optimum delivery of government projects.

Social Development Minister, Tan Sri William Mawan stressed this when he chaired a dialogue session with headmasters and members of Parents and Teachers Association in the district yesterday.

This was exactly what was demanded by “People’s First, Performance Now” slogan espoused by Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib,” Mawan said.

“Our performance in the past might not be up to the mark because we were not fully informed of the people’s needs. Now that we are able to hear everything requested by the people through the `people’s first, performance now’ concept, the real challenge is whether we can fulfill their request or not,” he pointed not.

He believed many problems faced by the people could have been solved if they were brought to the attention of the government, Mawan said, explaining that the main purpose of the dialogue session with representatives of schools in the district was to find out their problems and to seek suggestions on ways to address them.

“Schools deserve our special attention as they are places where our children acquired their education and grow.

“Thus, there is a dire need for us to provide them with a conducive environment to learn as well as for their proper up bringing.”

During the dialogue, Mawan urged the headmasters and PTA members to voice out problems they had faced and to come up with suggestions to tackle them.

Stressing that children were our greatest assets, Mawan called on teachers and PTA members to shoulder the burden of their upbringing together.

He hoped through such process we could inculcate a sense of respect and responsibility towards the elders among our children, he said.

During the function Mawan also distributed grants to PTAs.

Among those present were Pakan district Officer Inting Nyamie, Julau District Education Officer Karebo Bugik, a respresentative form Julau Police Heqadquarters, Inspector Barry, political secretaries to the Chief Minister Paul Igai and Peter Howell, Julau Parliamentary JASA Liaison officer Sylvester Embuas.

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