18 SPDP divisions want them out

Source: Borneo Post, 8th March 2012

KUCHING: Eighteen Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) divisions in the central region have agreed to present a resolution to ‘SPDP 5’ asking them to vacate their ministerial posts and seats in the state assembly and parliament.

They also wanted the group to resign from all their posts in the government and government-linked companies (GLCs).

The resolution was presented by Meluan Division chief Jerry Clement after a meeting in Sibu on Tuesday.

He said the resolution would be submitted to the party during its Triennial General Assembly in Bintulu on March 16 – 18

The 18 divisions are Krian, Semop, Jemoreng, Repok, Meradong, Pakan, Ngemah, Bukit Assek, Dudong, Nangka, Dalat, Balingian, Pelagus, Baleh, Tamin, Pelawan, Kakus and Katibas.

Also present at the meeting were political secretaries to the chief minister Paul Igai, Peter Howell and Liew Ah Lek who also functioned as observers.

Speaking at the meeting, Paul said the meeting, which was held for the second time, was aimed at gathering minutes from the 18 divisions before presenting them to the Registrar of Society (ROS).

“Basically, we are trying our best to avoid any mistakes in the party’s administration which may allow some quarters to use that as points to smear the party’s image,” he said.

On the 200 new members in Bukit Assek, Paul said this was very encouraging news for the party which quashed rumours that it had become irrelevant after the sacking of the five members.

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