SPDP crisis was resolved and is history, media friends please take note

Reading today’s Borneo Post – Rumours to stir emotions and confuse people — PBB man, referring to the last paragraph:

Meanwhile, he hoped that the crisis in both SPDP and SUPP would be resolved before the election.

JAMESJG.COM would like to clarify with members of the press on the current perception of my friends in other BN component parties, that SPDP has not come out of its internal crisis is both inaccurate and confusing.

This is because as far as our party (SPDP) is concerned, the party has carried out what it should have done.

The party is now moving forward and getting new membership applications throughout the state.

The party is also at the midst of announcing our candidate for Mas Gading soon for Barisan Nasional consideration.

SPDP is now on 5th gear with our preparation for the coming parliamentary election. Various activities has been and are being planned. Our candidates are actively meeting the people in the rural parliamentary seats of Baram, Bintulu and Saratok.

And, with the four vacancies at SPDP seats of DUN Marudi, DUN Bekenu, DUN Batu Danau and DUN Tasik Biru, it gives hope to our young members to fill come the next Sarawak State Election.

Echoing my friend, Cr. Sardon Zainal’s view on Sibuti candidacy, SPDP, particularly SPDP Lambir Division and SPDP Piasau Division, fully support the call for YB Tuan Hj. Ahmad Lai to be renominated as BN-PBB candidate for the parliamentary seat of Sibuti.

YB Tuan Hj. Ahmad Lai is definitely the winnable candidate for Sibuti!

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