Life without the ADUN, the day after – an ordinary rakyat perspective

Let me take you on a short imaginary journey of the rakyat’s life without the Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN), if in a way or another they are no longer a member of a Barisan Nasional (BN) component party. Take it as your pure imagination, and not a dream. Our brain work less when we sleep and dream.

So what, if our area does not have a BN ADUN any more? Caused of being sacked from a BN component party.

Rakyat: Will there be no more projects or government funding?

NO. There will still be government projects and funding. Except it will be administer by the Resident and District Offices; bearing in mind that some Resident office are more ‘powerful’ than the rest.

Rakyat: So, even without a Yang Berhormat, my area is still being serve by the Barisan Nasional government?

Without a Yang Berhormat, like in Samarahan (last time), the area will be serviced by the ADUN, or where there is no ADUN, it will be served by the Member of Parliament (MP).

If both no BN MP and BN ADUN, the ministry concerned or involved will handle the development of the area.

Rakyat: Who are the ministry people? (Sapa orang perentah / kementerian tok kah?)

We are fortunate that the State and Federal government are administer by the Barisan Nasional representatives, hence a Barisan Nasional government and a Barisan Nasional ministries.

Ministries through JKR, Agriculture Dept., Education Dept., etc.

The role of the Resident Office is to capture all the information of the development projects and programs for reporting purposes, since not all government funding goes to the Resident or District offices.

Therefore, without ADUN or MP or both, the Minister in charge of the subject or development matters can handle the development in the area in a way.

For example, the role of an Assistant Minister for Agriculture focusing on farmer’s organisation, which is assisting the Minister for Modernisation of Agriculture (MOA), and if the former is no longer functioning, then the later has to handle all the subject directly via the MOA ministry and channeled through the Agriculture Dept.

Another example, the development matters concerning our water supply and distribution system where ADUN is assisting the minister for rural water supply and member of water resources management council, and the ADUN ambil cuti tahunan (for example larr), then the Ministry is responsible to implement projects and programs under their ministry.

Then again, if the project (water and electricity supply) is under the Federal government, then it will be handled by our Federal Minister – Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal’s KKLW whose deputy is Datuk Joseph Entulu.

Worst scenario – where it can’t be decided in areas without BN ADUNs and MPs, the Prime Minister Office will step in under the State Development Office (SDO).

Hence, for the rakyat understanding – BN government’s development and projects WILL NOT be much affected IF there is NO BN ADUN or BN MP in your area.

But what is important, the rakyat needs to ensure that the Barisan Nasional is still in power at Petra Jaya and Putrajaya. And, the rakyat needs to ensure that the vote must be given to BARISAN NASIONAL during the coming Parliamentary election.

Those areas without a BN ADUN or MP will not have people’s voice or people’s representative. The government of the day is Barisan Nasional and it has the mandate to bring development to all areas be it with or without BN representation (as in Engkilili when it was under the opposition, and still receiving development, minus the tiny MRPs).

And, the payung is only a platform to berteduh politically, not a platform to serve the people!

Thank you for accompanying me on this imaginary journey. Trust your imagination, not your dream!

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