Six months is all Rich Venture need, opposition whacking BN in Sibuti

Photo taken on 4th January 2012 showing the delayed road construction (on the left of the photo).

The dual carriage way to Taman Tunku/Taman Jelita and Taman Tunku Phase 3 is supposed to be completed in February 2011. But today, almost a year has gone by, the residents of nearby housing areas and kampungs have yet to enjoy the new road.

The delay was partly due to some squatters resistant to dismantle their homes which were built along the path of the new road. With the help of YB Tuan Hj. Ahmad Lai and the Land & Survey Dept., the squatters issue was recently solved. All six squatters agreed to move to a new site at Kampung Lusut Jaya.

With all the issues being settled, we do not see any reason for further delay by Rich Venture, the contractor of the project. Six months is all we need, said Mr. Hii (the owner of Rich Venture).

Unfortunately, the people do not see or understand of this issues. The GE13 is coming up fast and the opposition will be focusing on this delayed project. Any further delay will be seen as an act to sabotage the BN candidate for this Parliamentary seat of Sibuti.

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