Hari Raya note to ADUN N34 Krian

Just a thought, Salam 1Malaysia and Salam Merdeka.

This note goes to YB Ali Biju, ADUN N34 Krian, and the 645 members of this group are free to respond.


During the recent PRN10, YB ADUN N34 Krian won areas in Selambung, Entebu and Bajau with a handsome majority, backed by your campaign regarding NCR land issues.

Did YB tell your voters, during your campaign, in those three areas NOT TO accept the perimeter survey? I cannot recall it, if YB did.

Today, the land in those three areas have been declared as Communal Reserve Land, after the completion of the perimeter survey by the L&S Dept.

Example of the Communal Reserve Land gazette notification

Will YB ADUN Krian, dare to go back to those three areas, and tell your voters to tear up their Communal Reserve Land gazette notification instead of just merely cautioning them that they must be educated on the worth of their land and the downgrading of their NCR land.

Or, will YB ADUN Krian goes back to the three areas and tell them to start identifying their land boundary among each other prior to the start of the government’s SECOND PHASE of the survey process, where upon completion, INDIVIDUAL LAND TITLE will be issue to individual NCR land owners.

Rather than spending time confusing the rakyat in Saratok over the social media, I would be grateful to ADUN Krian and his supporters to start doing better community-based educational events, etc where those session should be used to share knowledge on how to improve our own livelihood.

It is time to stop ALL your politics and WALK the TALK. The real rakyat cannot live on politics alone. Politics is to put you (YB Ali) in public office. And, if you pour or allow “politics of your supporters” to dwell in that public office, too bad, the rakyat won’t feel the good times of life while you are their “Yang Berhormat.”

Btw, do not ask me about land laws, because you guys know it better, or else, you won’t be pestering me or other people to talk about it. You can eat your law books, but the rakyat won’t be filled (kenyang) with those.

What feed the rakyat is their ability to stand on their own, manage their own home economics, with the knowledge that we share with them. Its the sharing of ways to improve oneself that is lacking in this FB Group page/forum.

And finally, I have no vested interest to be a candidate in any election. Your supporters said it, not me.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to Muslim followers of this page. Maaf zahir dan batin.

James Joshua Guang
Exco Pemuda SPDP

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