How many Sarawak leaders are actively updating the rakyat via social media?

Borneo Post, July 4, 2011

The rakyat did not ask for gold or diamond, but just a personal touch via visit, interaction and share those visits and anything latest on what have been done to improve their livelihood in various social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Is that too much to ask for?

Social media has proven its power in Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar and also in Malaysia. What we see in Bersih, Perkasa, etc is part of the power of the social media strength.

Don’t just jot it down in post mortem meetings, and let it become a point in history by remaining in our paper files. Anyway, don’t get caught with other people who stole your identity and worst, created a fake account of you! You (the genuine one) can always write and lodge a complaint to Facebook to get it removed.

The genuine one can always refer to here on how to remove the fake profile. Cheers and Selamat nyambut Hari Gawai Dayak di Ulu Paku.

Respond from MP for Mas Gading, YB Dr. Tiki Lafe

Thanks JJ, looks like abit out of what i said, if i remember correctly…function was NOT in Kpg Semeba but at Penview for 4S KRTs; advice ws to all inactive KRTs in the state…. Start MOVING to listen to their members esp the youths who are now more informed of current issues and news including false ones that can be found in alternative media like fbs, blogs, tweeters,etc….thus, KRTs with their large membership should start their own IT clubs,classes…set up websites,etc…so that they can connect better with the rakyat…basically, those are the points i wanted to pass to our KRTs… Not specifically BN leaders.anyway, thank you bro.i value your comments.Keep up yr invaluable service to the community & country.

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