Finally Airasia gets it right with the Swan

Corrected! Airasia front page on 19th July with the correct mascot - the Swan.

What is the official mascot for Sibu? Is it a swan? Is it the dolphin.. but what makes people remember Sibu better is the mysterious Batu Katak! Anyway, Airasia Social Media was quick to rectified the error with their online promotion graphic. Below is a personal message from their Mr. Ho Weng Leong (I almost mistaken him as Wong Ho Leng – through my small Blackberry screen LOL).

Hi James, thanks for the heads up. We will channel your blog article to our web team for amendment. appreciated. – AirAsia Social Media Team.

If you are planning to visit Sibu (in Sarawak), check out the famous foodie blogger, WackyBecky’s trip to Sibu recently, courtesy of Firefly (hehehee… did Airasia invites you previously?)

Finally, if you are planning a holiday (limited budget), try Airasia Go for flight and hotel, all-in-one. I have used them and will be using them again this Raya. Worth your money at least for me, now. Never try their Tune Hotel tho’ hahahaaa….

One thought on “Finally Airasia gets it right with the Swan”

  1. Helloooo!
    Haha no AirAsia – sadly they don’t seem to engage bloggers much fr their trips. I have seen a few, but not frequently.

    Thanks for the link! :)

    Oh they used my photo of the sago worms for their FB site to promote their Sibu flights. Got credits la at least but they didnt request permission first tho.

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