AirAsia web team needs to upgrade their knowledge about Sarawak

Screenshot of AirAsia web front page

People who have not been to Sibu, Sarawak would be frustrated because they won’t find any large cave as shown in the slide animation for AA’s Kuala Lumpur-Sibu flight promotion, as shown in their front page.

Tan Sri Tony Fernandez, Niah Caves (as shown in the graphic) is in Miri Division! Hope your web graphic designer is not a Malaysian, else we cannot forgive such a mistake, especially when Niah Caves is well-known as one of the birthplaces of civilisation in the region.

I will be using AA soon, and I hope their information about Singapore is correct, else………….!

Updated Sibu (less the Niah Caves)

Anyway, check out the out-of-date Sibu page (with the <– typical example of government websites, of not being updated regularly). No wonder the opposition have a field day, using government information to whack back the government of the day. To the owner of the website, do not assume that the webmaster have spare time to update the site, just because you may have sent him/her for training. Kasih dia extra allowance lar.. instead of adding more task to his/her already long list of things to do daily.

The website is as good as a cave if it is not being updated, at least once a week. Don’t tell us, there are no happenings in Sibu since that page was updated.

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