Pro-BN bloggers need to blog about good things

I once asked a senior political secretary on the need to let bloggers blog about gov’t development projects in BN areas. The senior replied, “what good things are there to write about?”

Normally we love to blog about poor gov’t deliveries, bad roads, poor rural infrastructure, etc; hoping it catches the attention of the relevant gov’t agencies.

This blog post normally, are destructive in nature because it doesn’t have the correct input from the gov’t point of view. Getting updates on road construction, deliveries of subsidies, NCR issues are not an easy task to do. Almost all the senior politicians will tell us, either they are working on it (on what, only the gov’t agencies knows) or it is too sensitive to be discuss in public (in our blogs). Almost everything is sensitive to the gov’t.

Even poco poco was sensitive to some states!

Not doing anything to help

Pro-BN bloggers are left with little choice but to write about the long profiles of our politicians. How many award they received, etc. Are the rakyat interested to know about these profiles? Well, yes only for their school homework, probably.

The last State Election saw opposition bloggers used statistics obtained from gov’t website to go against the gov’t. Who’s fault was it? The gov’t agencies never or seldom update their websites, and hence outdated information was being used (against the agencies themselves).

Change or be changed!

Our politicians need to adapt to cyber changes. When we asked about Facebook and Twitter, most (Dayaks) politicians are sarcastic about having one. Every information are deem sensitive to them and they would not twit about it.

What is wrong about sharing your (the politicians) speeches with facebook fans or twitter followers? The rakyat would be most grateful to get a direct answer from you, rather than having to wait for the print media to publish it the next day.

Recently, just before Gawai Dayak, PRS President, Tan Sri Dr. James created a Facebook fan page. As I write it today, it is only ‘likes’ by 51 people. Well, at least better than my President, who have not join the Internet bandwagon despite handling various youth issues in his ministry.

How best to connect to the Youth, if not via Facebook and twitter! Hence, you know that the previous State Election was much affected by the social media (we don’t term it as New Media anymore.. sorry, its no longer a new thing, Datuk Datuk sekalian), why have you not use it?

Owwhh OWC.. its only a club, like any other club. Join them if you like their objectives and mission. Else, ignore them.. pullstop!

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