GE13 and the number 10

Heartiest Congratulations to all the elected Yang Berhormat who have won the recent Sarawak State Election. The Cabinet were sworn in last week (nahhh Baru Bian didn’t make it slurppps) and, in a few days time, the Assistant Ministers shall be sworn in too.Invitation have been sent out to the various people.

The State Barisan Nasional have managed to maintain their two-third majority despite losing majority-Chinese and some Bumiputra areas. By now, the various political parties have completed their post mortem exercise, and nevertheless, ‘Thank You’ dinners are being held all over the State. Yummm seng! Good or bad, there are winners and there are losers too.

Partying here and partying there, I am not sure if we are paying enough attention to the rise in global oil price. Supporters from both side are calling for a lower petrol rate. Many wants a ‘rebate’ of what they have paid to the government through personal income tax. We can’t live on subsidy! That’s it.

So, what the heck with the global oil price? Simple.. it shall decide when YAB Prime Minister will call for the 13th General Election. If you ask me.. I predict it may fall on 10th September 2011. Why 10th? Hmm.. my house number begins with 10…

10 is Najib’s favourite number. It is also the first two digit of my room number as I write this article ;)

10th September is also a Saturday. It is also the time of family and community goodwill as the Muslim celebrates their Hari Raya Aidilfitri and open house sana sini. It will be much easier to organise Ramah Tamah Aidilfitri gathering, kan?

Drag it longer, it will be very costly to the government to call for an election, and, it will not be that nice to further increase the price of petrol.. eh!

Back in the Land of the Hornbill… do the ADUNs have enough time to deliver their election promises? Five or six months might not be enough, but the ADUNs have no time to waste other than to deliver and deliver because their delivery will in one way or another decide the outcome of the Sarawak parliamentary seats. The people of Sarawak can still remember the promises made during the campaign.

Here are the list of Sarawak Parliamentary seats:

  1. P192 Mas Gading Tekhee @ Tiki Anak Lafe   BN-SPDP
  2. P193 Santubong Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar   BN-PBB
  3. P194 Petra Jaya Fadillah Yusof   BN-PBB
  4. P195 Bandar Kuching Chong Chieng Jen  DAP
  5. P196 Stampin Yong Khoon Seng   BN-SUPP
  6. P197 Kota Samarahan Sulaiman Abdul Rahman Abdul Taib   BN-PBB
  7. P198 Mambong James Dawos Mamit   BN-PBB
  8. P199 Serian Richard Riot Jaem   BN-SUPP
  9. P200 Batang Sadong Nancy Shukri   BN-PBB
  10. P201 Batang Lupar Rohani Abdul Karim   BN-PBB
  11. P202 Sri Aman Masir Kujat   BN-PRS
  12. P203 Lubok Antu William @ Nyallau Badak   BN-PRS
  13. P204 Betong Douglas Uggah Embas   BN-PBB
  14. P205 Saratok Jelaing Mersat   BN-SPDP
  15. P206 Tanjong Manis Norah Abdul Rahman   BN-PBB
  16. P207 Igan Wahab Dolah   BN-PBB
  17. P208 Sarikei Ding Kuong Hiing   BN-SUPP
  18. P209 Julau Joseph Salang Gandum   BN-PRS
  19. P210 Kanowit Ago Dagang @ Aaron   BN-PRS
  20. P211 Lanang Tiong Thai King   BN-SUPP
  21. P212 Sibu Wong Ho Leng   DAP
  22. P213 Mukah Leo Michael Toyad   BN-PBB
  23. P214 Selangau Joseph Entulu Belaun   BN-PRS
  24. P215 Kapit Alexander Nanta Linggi   BN-PBB
  25. P216 Hulu Rajang Billy Abit Joo   BN-PRS
  26. P217 Bintulu Tiong King Sing   BN-SPDP
  27. P218 Sibuti Ahmad Lai Bujang   BN-PBB
  28. P219 Miri Peter Chin Fah Kui   BN-SUPP
  29. P220 Baram Jacob Dungau Sagan   BN-SPDP
  30. P221 Limbang Hasbi Habibollah   BN-PBB
  31. P222 Lawas Henry Sum Agong   BN-PBB

The winners of these seats will also decide who shall be the next Chief Minister of Sarawak. Do you see what I see?

Disclaimer: You don’t have to believe in numbers. It is just the number 10 :)

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