Dr Chan: Inefficient civil servants make BN reps look bad

Source: Star Online

MIRI: Barisan Nasional legislators in some constituencies are bearing the brunt of people’s disappointment over the sloppy and uncaring attitude of certain government officials.

Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr George Chan, who is Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) president, yesterday said Barisan assemblymen were “being made to look bad” because of the poor performance of some civil servants.

Dr Chan yesterday had a heart-to-heart chat with village chiefs at Miri SUPP headquarters about the latest happenings.

He said some people were not happy because some of them had their problems left unattended for six years.

“I hear your frustrations clearly. You are right to voice out your disappointments,” he said.

During the meeting, several village chiefs openly criticised the uncaring attitude of some government officials.

Kampung Pujut Tanjong Batu Residents Committee secretary Abdullah Enn told Dr Chan that government bodies such as the District Office, Resident’s Office, Land and Survey Department and others did not seem to take people’s issues seriously.

“There were cases of villagers complaining about lack of electricity and piped water, flooded roads and lack of communal amenities, but we didn’t get any reply for six years. Every time we asked for their replies, we were told to submit fresh applications, to fill new forms and on.

“The Prime Minister and the Government keep announcing projects costing billions of ringgit, but when villagers ask for very basic things, we do not get even a reply,” he said.

Abdullah said there were cases where some village roads were flooded for three days but no remedial action was taken by anyone.

“Politicians must find out what is happening in these government departments. Make sure the staff take the people seriously,” he said.

When asked for his comments after the meeting, Dr Chan said the people’s views must be looked into.

He said there was a communication breakdown between some government departments and the people, and he admitted that the people were getting frustrated over the delivery of some projects.

He said department heads should give a reply to the people in three months at the latest if they received an important request. He also urged departments to be honest especially when they do not have money to get things done.

“Some departments still use paper files to record down people’s applications and complaints and they get misplaced all the time. They should use computers and install a system to remind them of the deadlines for urgent cases,” he said.

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