Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman jurassic issue needs YB quick action

The road is named after the first Malaysian Prime Minister. The condition is probably not as grand as the ex-Prime Minister.

Don’t blame it on the weather or the monsoon season. It doesn’t take a day of non-stop rain to cause this road, Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman in Miri City, to get flooded.

No drain? Yes it does have, and as a matter of fact, it has drain up to the traffic lights at Servay Supermarket. But why the flooding or pool of water happen?

Simply because there is no inlet from the road to the drain! Plain simple, kan? Or if it does have, at some portion of the stretch, its clogged with sand or rubbish.

How long has this been going on? Years my friend, year in and year out. Bet they’ll wait for Rich Venture to finish the dual carriage highway, then to ‘extend’ their contract to include a proper drainage system for this jurassic problem.

Why is it so difficult to build water inlet to the main drain for roads in Miri? Do we need a Super Engineer to redesign our road and its drainage system?

The next thing we know is that the rakyat will blame the Yang Berhormat for this issue! Kesian YB YB.. Tapi apa-apa pun, YB YB sekalian, kalau boleh tolong uruskan hal ini dengan secepat mungkin sebab perkara ini sudah bertahun lama nya berlaku. Mungkin YB YB sekalian tidak tinggal dikawasan ini dan mungkin hanya berada di kawasan ini jika ada urusan rasmi kerajaan, jangan lah bagi alasan tidak ada peruntukkan. Tu dah cerita lama.

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  1. In Sarawak we are actually driving through a canal during the rainy season. That is how I describe the condition of our road here.

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