Update on the second link road to Taman Tunku & Taman Jelita

It started with a simple gathering with YB Dato Sri William Mawan and the members of SPDP Lambir at Kampung Lusut, where Dato Sri advised me to write officially to the government on the problem of traffic heading towards Taman Tunku, Taman Jelita and residents of Kampung Lusut.

I showed Dato Sri on my suggestion with a simple Google map. The same map was forwarded to YB Datuk Aidan Wing (ADUN Lambir) and YB Tuan Haji Ahmad Lai, the MP for Sibuti (covering Taman Tunku).

The idea was also forwarded to my good friend ADUN Pujut, YB Andy Chia who has never failed in giving me the update to this second link road.

Today, we are happy to see that Kumpulan Parabena together with the Barisan Nasional government in solving traffic woes of Taman Tunku and its surrounding. The expected date of completion is February 2011.

Ground Breaking Ceremony for the second link road to Taman Tunku and Taman Jelita will be done on 5th November by our YAB Chief Minister at 10.30am. All residents of Taman Tunku, Taman Jelita and Kpg. Lusut are welcome to witness this special occasion.

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