Update on Jalan Pantai, Miri

The Barisan Nasional government is doing its best to improve the condition of Jalan Pantai in Miri. I was informed by our Miri City Council’s councilor that the work will begin sooner than expected. “Very soon, James” he said.

JAMESJG.COM would like to thank JKR Sarawak, YB Datuk Peter Chin, YB Datuk Lee Kim Shin, YB Andy Chia, Cr. Koh Ek Chong and Miri City Council for responding to my Talikhidmat complaint on Jalan Pantai.

We simply just cannot talk at coffee shop and expect the government to hear us from there. Why can’t we be a little proactive and talk to the government straight. Talikhidmat is one of the various channel available to us. Use it!

Well, if you only knows how to belittle the Barisan Nasional, how would you be comfortable to talk to them and voice your complaints? Of course it will be not so nice, isn’t it? Asking for assistance when you have bad mouth them, kan! Wait for your kind of change? Well.. keeping on waiting until the cow comes home then.

We too can be an agent of change, the Barisan Nasional way, of course. Just follow behind lar.. my friend and everything will be alright. You won’t feel the small changes happening, because you always wanted to see major changes. Major changes comes from the micro things we do to improve ourselves (I say it again, ourselves).

Cheers and happy Monday!

One thought on “Update on Jalan Pantai, Miri”

  1. James

    Respectfully yours, you indeed once again sound proof your lunatic bloc’s visitor like me, to announce that BN has much anticipated progress on your Jalan Pantai. It is timely, yet significantly absurd to see your pictures showing a new signs being put up to show that you are the ‘man’ to make all these changes happen. Probably, next time when we post a complaint, we should quote phrases or your pseudonym in every line of our complaints to the BN government. I presume the number of complaints being rectified being utmost attended if we put your name on it! By posting this problem solving case, you have actually proven yourselves that your blog is being neutral and a reflection of people oriented schemes like, I suppose every minister in State government, YB, or caretakers of government funds to utilize for the benefits of progress brought up by your good selves. You are the machinery of BN to illusions of real factor. Well let the cow comes home then…and we shall witness who’s the real cow here? Your sarcastic version of this Jalan Pantai posting does not penalize a bigot like me. You are a blind admirer of today’s administration; an end product of a BN government. You are the down trodden, an angel in distress. Well if that’s the case, let you spearhead a greater challenge, and see how the balls rolling. If you can solve this Jalan Pantai issue, within few months, I would love to see more changes brought by you and your government.

    Anyway back to the hot topic. What I am trying to convey here is consolatory matters. Matters that consulates anger throughout time. It is not mere improvement to Jalan Pantai that we people are seeking for. Any cow can make changes on something micro! For 40 years, the state does not enjoy significant progress as what people expect today. It is not that we are damn poor and under privileged, but generally people thought our state today has been administered in affirmative manner which benefits a few, while at large people are still lagging in terms of education, economic sound, infrastructures, even our slightest drainage is the worst in the Malaysia. We have reached the 21st century; Sarawakians does not enjoy major highways, crappy Internet services. Sad to say, today we are proud of improvement to Jalan Pantai. There are 180,000 Sarawakians migrates to find better living standards else where in the world. 100,000 of them working in the central part of peninsular. Ironically, we have more 200,000 foreigners replacing the jobs at the rural areas, forcing the rural folks to the urban city where job are scarce and income or much lower, as low as RM450 at the coffee shops. The net effect is there are more elites and intelligence running out from the state, flowing in the disgust working and leaving at our own hometown. Even a taxi driver, finds it hard to earn a living in Miri, as most of this services are rampantly controlled by ‘van sapu’. 65% of our rural people living in longhouses, outskirts are illiterate, 20% of them rely on food from the jungles and forests produced which that has also being robbed and abolished in the name of development. On the consumers point of view, everything things are expensive, not being monitor by price control. Lack of mechanism to undertake the situation leads to inflation rates supersedes your savings in the bank. I can write thousands of situations, examples, case studies in the past, but I know your thick skull could never accept the bitterness of truth. Let it be with you and your inner circle. Your genetic aspirations shall ruin your children and your children’s future, and the futures of their great grand children.

    Lastly, I am the most I salute as you have spent hours on the Internet, unproductively seeking refuge of talented IBM (In Bloody Mess) people. Wake up James, you’re being too grateful.

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