Govt agencies misinterpretation

It happen at high level and involve the Parliament. It also happen at the lower level that involve the people and government agencies.

Quoted from Bernama’s report – Nazri Apologises On Error On New Parliament In Putrajaya.

Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz, “The written reply given was made without getting my approval. This error could happen because of the interpretation made by each officer on what had been minuted during the Cabinet meeting.”

I happen to lodge an official request for speed breakers to be install at two traffic lights in Miri. Here are my correspondences.

Sent: Tuesday, June 08, 2010 12:34 PM
To: ———————
Subject: TALIKHIDMAT: FYI: 20100608-010: Case Accepted


The case that you have reported has been recorded in our system, and the case number is as stated below.

Case Number:

Reported Matter(s) :
To the agencies concerned,

In view of the recent fatal accident at Lutong traffic lights, we urge the agencies concerned to install some sort of speed breaker along the following roads.

1. Approaching Lutong traffic lights after the Miri river bridge.
2. Approaching Lutong traffic lights after the junction to Kpg. Pangkalan
3. Approaching Senadin/Maigold Road Traffic lights to/from Miri-Kuala Baram

Your urgent action will definitely save more life.

Thank you.

James Joshua


The case was initially referred to SESCO Berhad, and here is the respond from SESCO.

Respond from SESCO:
We acknowledged receipt of your e-mail.

Please be informed that the customer is requesting for new streetlighting which is under the jurisdiction of the council that is either Miri Council or JKR depending on the area of residencies of the customers. Please ! assist to forward this mail to the council. Please close this case for SESCO immediately. Thank you.

Thank you for using

Here is a respond from JKR.

All necessary signboards have been installed before the traffic light junctions to inform and warn road users to slow down. ! The said accident is not due to inadequate signages. responded with this email.


  1. We requested for speed breakers (those yellow stripes on the road, if you can’t understand what we meant) to be installed before and after the traffic lights at Lutong junction and Senadin junction;
  2. We didn’t ask for extra streetlights as responded by SESCO Berhad earlier;
  3. We didn’t ask for signboards. And, no, there is not a single signboard that says “KURANGKAN LAJU” before and after those traffic lights. The only signboard the authorities have put up are road sign leading to Kampung Pangkalan and an alert to to show traffic lights ahead. Come on.. we drive through that road daily and we know what we are talking about; and
  4. We didn’t say that the fatal accident was due to inadequate signage!; and
  5. That is not the only fatal accident, previously was due to speeding along that stretch.

We regret how such a simple request got all the wrong responses and wrong perception. This need change or else this system will be look upon as a failure to identify the real issues posted by the rakyat.

And here is the follow up from Miri City Council.

15/06/2010 – Talikhidmat received feedback from MCC:-

Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2010 16:43:19 0800

Thank! ing you for bringing up the above captioned matter for our attention.
Please be informed the main Jalan Lutong/Kuala Baram is under the jurisdiction of JKR. On the suggestion to install speed breaker at traffic light junctions along this road would be under the purview of of the relevant department. This office will forward the suggestion to them for necessary attention, please.

And here is the final respond received today (01 Jul 2010) from Talikhidmat and my case is considered as CLOSED but remain unsolved until it is done. On Talikhidmat’s report it is reported as CLOSED satisfactorily!

The oversight in response to your earlier request is very much regretted.

Please be informed that action will be! taken to paint the yellow transverse bars on the roads before and after the traffic lights at Lutong and Senadin junctions once federal fund is available.

Hence, Mirian will not see the speed breakers so soon. Gotta wait for RMK10 which will kick-off on 1 January 2011!

How a simple request for speed breakers could end up saying that we need extra lightings and sign boards!!! Gheeee

Should we send Talikhidmat to the NKRA Labs?

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  1. Being misinterpreted sometimes can be very annoying. Another related problem is misinformed, miss communication etc.etc. These are things we have to face.

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